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Why Choose Valley Hearing?

No-nonsense Honest Hearing Care

Hello I'm Jon.  I was born in Cardiff and now live in Pengam just north of Caerphilly.  I have been a hearing care professional for 6 years.  I have a hearing loss and I wear hearing aids so I really do know what its all about and what you may be going through.  I've been on the journey through denial, accepting my loss, seeking help and then doing something about it.

I started off life as a primary school teacher before having a change of heart and joining the police service. After 17 years in the force I was medically retired after developing my hearing loss.  I went back to university in my mid 40s to complete my foundation degree in audiology.  I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and I am a member of British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA).

Valley Hearing is Different

  • This is my own business.
  • I do not feed a hungry corporation. 
  • I do not have sales targets.
  • I do not have managers asking me why I haven't sold more hearing aids. 
  • I do not get told which hearing aids to sell.  
  • I do not work on a commission. 
  • I will listen to your needs.  
  • I treat all my clients as if I were in your shoes (which I have been!).
  • I will make you feel at ease.
Your recommendation to others is my most powerful advocate.

What do clients say about other providers?

Clients often comment to me that other providers just want to sell them hearing aids and that they didn't feel valued.  Customers are often left feeling they have been duped into a highly sophisticated sales trap by misleading advertisements.
Some businesses will try and hook you in by offering free hearing tests, free trials and quote low prices.  The reality is these are just sales tactics to get you in the door so that they can sell you hearing aids.  Sadly a lot of dispensers will have strict sales targets to meet and are dependent on commission to boost their income.  

Are other providers putting you at the center of what they do? 


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