Hearing Aids - Custom - Behind the Ear - Bluetooth - Rechargeable

Our Hearing Aids

The most popular model

This aid sits behind the ear with a very thin wire connected to a miniature speaker which goes in your ear canal.  Over 80% of customers buy this version.  It is comfortable, discrete and provides a very natural sound.

Its rechargeable

The over the ear hearing aid is available in rechargeable so you never have to worry about batteries and you are being friendly to the environment.  Battery versions are available and for some this is a good choice.

Connects with your phone

Our aids are able to connect to compatible smart devices via Bluetooth.  You can stream crystal clear stereo from anything audio. There is also a handy APP that lets you control your hearing aid volume and other settings.

We do custom made models

For these hearing aids we take an impression of your ear using a special substance that creates a 3D mold of your ear canal.  The aid is then made specifically for your ear shape to fit perfectly.  Depending on your ear shape, lifestyle and hearing loss these models may be a great choice.

Hearing Aid Prices

Hearings aids cost from £897.5 for a single hearing aid, up to £3495 for a pair of top of the range, rechargebale, smart phone compatible devices. 

Our main supplier is a company called Oticon

Oticon are a based in Denmark and were founded in 1904.  They are a world market leader in hearing aid technology.  They specialise in brain hearing technology.  Jon the Managing Director of Valley Hearing wears Oticon hearing aids.  If however we feel another type of hearing aid is more suitable we have access to all hearing aid manufactures. 

Brain Heraing?  

What is that?

Hearing health is brain health

Did you know you hear with your brain? Your ears collect sound, but it’s your brain that actually understands it. In other words, hearing is thinking.

Good hearing helps your brain stay fit throughout your life, and helps avoid many other health problems. What is more, the brain is actually the most sophisticated sound processor that we have!

This realisation has led one hearing healthcare company called Oticon to pioneer brain-friendly hearing aids. What Oticon does differently is focus on understanding how the brain makes sense of sound, so they can make hearing aids that support your brain’s natural way of working. Oticon calls this unique philosophy BrainHearing™.

With this approach, Oticon focuses on designing hearing aids that support the mental hearing processes and, with active use, may protect the brain against hearing loss-related risks such as cognitive decline.


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